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During Game 2 of Boston’s ALCS matchup against the Houston Astros, Twitter blew up as the cameras caught Red Sox pitchers using pine tar. As Boston pitcher Matt Barnes was dealing to Astros catcher Martin Maldonado, a fan pointed out how Barnes was cheating by keeping pine tar on his left forearm. Best Of 35 Design Red sox Calendar Read More » Category: Calendar Templates Tags: red sox announcers, red sox dodgers game 3, red sox parade, red sox pitcher pine tar, red sox rumors, red sox v yankees london, red sox zip hoodie. Pine tar in particular is said to improve a pitcher's grip in cold weather. OK, This Probably Happens All The Time. Why Is This Instance Such A Big Deal? On April 10th, Pineda started another game against the Red Sox. In this game, it was also obvious that he was using pine tar. Early Monday morning, after the Red Sox 7-5 victory over the World Champion Houston Astros, a video surfaced that shows Matt Barnes repeatedly going to his non-throwing forearm after almost every pitch. The speculation has since been floated that Barnes was using an illegal substance, the video claiming it was pine tar.

09/05/2019 · The whole discussion then was not if using pine tar is right or wrong, rather that Pineda was being too obvious about it. It was slathered on his neck screaming F— you, Boston!, which is why the Red Sox called him out. You may also remember the playoff game in 2006 in which Kenny Rogers outdueled Randy Johnson in a 6-0 win for Detroit. 29/10/2018 · Throughout the postseason baseball fans have accused Red Sox pitchers of using banned substances like pine tar to gain an advantage on his opponents. Here is a video that went viral during the Astros-Red Sox series that appears to show Matt Barnes doctoring the baseball with pine tar.

The general sentiment in the Red Sox clubhouse following Michael Pineda's pine tar incident was universal. Despite Pineda's blatant and over the top violation of the rules, many Red Sox players seemed okay with the use of pine tar in baseball, as long as it was not obvious. Title should say "Pine Tar", but I got ahead of myself. Go ahead and call me names below. Feel free to speculate away in this post. There have probably been 20 or so posts that are raising the possibility of Red Sox pitchers using pine tar while pitching. 11/04/2014 · In Thursday night's Red Sox-Yankees game, TV cameras caught Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda with a sticky brown substance on his hand that looked a lot like illegal pine tar. Normally, that would be cause to get the pitcher thrown out of the game and probably suspended, but the Red Sox.

Pine tar use this week not punished. This past week in Major League Baseball, in a Thursday evening ballgame between the Yankees and Red Sox, pine tar on the hand of a pitcher was noted by the Red Sox broadcast team. 23/04/2014 · Before umpires discovered pine tar on his neck at Fenway Wednesday night, Michael Pineda had already been warned by the Red Sox about using the grip-enhancing substances to throw the ball. Lots of pitchers use pine tar, but most are better about not getting caught.

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